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Maintenance of the spray gun

It is best to lubricate the Japanese Iwata spray gun after working every day, and use the light machine to lubricate the parts. Due to normal wear and aging, seals, springs, needle valves and nozzles must be replaced regularly. Replacement should be done according to the manufacturer's instructions. Because excess oil will flow into the paint and oil passages, causing spray defects, great care must be taken when lubricating, and the mixing of oil and paint will reduce the quality of the spray.​​

Do not soak the entire Japanese Iwata spray gun in the cleaning fluid for a long time, which will harden the sealing ring and destroy the lubrication effect.​​

For best repair results, use different Japanese Iwata spray guns for different coatings and situations. It is recommended that each person be equipped with four Japanese Iwata spray guns, one for primer and middle coat spraying, one for topcoat and varnish layer spraying, one for silver powder paint spraying, and one for small repair Japanese Iwata spray guns Used for spot repair. If these Japanese Iwata guns are kept in good cleaning and working order, it will save a lot of adjustment and cleaning time when changing guns.

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